EFU Rules and Regulations

The East Florida United League (“EFU”) is a venue for boys & girls youth soccer clubs throughout (East Florida). These Rules & Regulations (the “Regulations”) provide the requirements & rules for EFU League Competition (as defined below). 

1. Definitions 

1.1 “EFU” means the East Florida United League.     

1.2 “EFU”  Advisory Committee” is a committee consisting of the Director of Coaching from selected  EFU  Clubs, or another technical representative appointed by the Director of Coaching, to provide feedback & input regarding EFU structure & policies.

1.3 “EFU Team” is a member club of the EFU as provided in by these Regulations.         

1.4 “EFU Competition” is an EFU game played during the EFU Season.   

1.5 “EFU Game Report” is the official game report that must be completed for all EFU Competitions as provided in Section 4 of these Regulations.                          

1.6 “EFU Registered Player” is a player on an EFU Team’s EFU Roster. EFU Registered Players must be registered with USCLUBSOCCER.  

1.7 “EFU Roster” is the roster of an EFU Team during the EFU Season when playing in an EFU Competition. An EFU roster shall only be used for EFU Competitions. Rosters may apply to the U6, U7, U8, U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U15, U16, U17, U18 and U19 age groups.                                                                           
1.8 “EFU Season” is the competitive season beginning June 1 of each year and ending July 31 of the same year.       

1.9 “EFU Team” is the team of an EFU Club that participates in EFU Competition.                                                 

1.10 “Incident Report” is a form for reporting disciplinary incidents during EFU Competitions.

2.  EFU Roster Rules       

2.1 EFU Roster Maximums. A maximum of twenty-six (26) players may be rostered on any EFU Team’s EFU Roster U13 – U19. A maximum of twenty (26) players may be rostered on any EFU Team’s EFU Roster U6-U8 and U9- U12.

2.2 Player Registration. All players on an EFU Roster must be EFU Registered Players.

2.3 EFU Game Day Roster. All EFU Registered Players from an EFU Team’s EFU Roster will be eligible for each game in EFU Competition (the “EFU Game Day Roster”).   

2.4 Roster Freeze Date. N/A

2.5 Player / Club Tie. A player may only be primary rostered to one (1) EFU Club each EFU Season, but may guest play with teams participating in EFE DL.

2.6 Younger Players Playing Up. An EFU Registered Player may play for any EFU Team in the EFU Club for which the player is age eligible. Younger players on an EFU Team may play on the older EFU teams within their EFU Club. Age eligibility is determined by 3.21 of these Regulations. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any EFU Registered Player may only play a maximum of two (2) EFU Teams per day & may only play two (2) EFU Games per day. An EFU Registered Player may play on different EFU Teams within the EFU Club from game-to-game during the EFU Regular Season.  Team staff and parent(s) are responsible for allowing players to play up out of their age group, and not EFU, Sponsors, or Affiliates.

2.7 An EFU Registered Player that will “play-up” on an older v Team in their EFU Club for a EFU Competition must be handwritten onto the EFU Game Report for that EFU Competition.

3. Competition and Participation Rules

3.1 General. Unless otherwise provided in these Regulations, all EFU Competitions shall be played in accordance with the FIFA Laws of the Game in force at the time of competition as provided by the International Football Association Board.

3.2. Season Commitment. All clubs participating in the EFU are required to complete all scheduled competitions for which they are scheduled. EFU reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to allow limited exemptions for individual participating clubs due to exceptional circumstances, as solely determined by EFU. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any club that does not participate in all required competitions, & that does not receive an exemption from EFU, may face sanctions from EFU, including without limitation, forfeiture of points, & or immediate removal from the EFU. (August 1 – July 31).

3.3 Scheduling Competitions. EFU shall identify the dates & locations of all EFU Competitions for each EFU Season.

3.4 Number of Competitions EFU shall determine the total number of EFU Competitions during the EFU Season. An EFU Team may only play no more than (2) EFU Competition per day.

3.5 Cancelled Competitions. If an EFU Competition is suspended by weather & at least the first half was played, the game will be considered a full game. If any EFU Competition is cancelled, the participating clubs shall attempt to reschedule the EFU Competition. If the participating clubs cannot agree on a reschedule date, the EFU shall determine if & how the EFU Competition shall be rescheduled.

3.6 Competition Scheduling.

3.6.1. The dates, home team, and opponents for EFU Competitions are set by the EFU. The venue & time for all EFU Competitions must be agreed upon by the participating EFU Clubs & reported to the EFU: (I) no later than two weeks prior of each EFU Season. No changes to dates & locations of EFU Competitions may be made after the Final Fixture Venue Date, absent exceptional circumstances outside the control of the EFU Clubs, as determined by the EFU. No changes to EFU Competitions may be made within 72 hours of kick-off, except due to bad weather or as permitted by the EFU. 

3.7 Competition Referee Assigning.   It is the responsibility of the EFU Referee Assignor to schedule referees for all EFU Competitions.

3.8 Referee Fees. Each EFU Team shall split the cost of the referees for each EFU Competition. Cash will be the only method of payment & must be provided to the referee prior to the EFU Competition.


3.10 Deadline for Regular Season Competitions. All regular season EFU Competitions must be played by end of EFU Season. The EFU may extend league season under extreme circumstances at the EFU sole discretion.

3.11 Substitutions. Will follow FIFA rules and under the complete discretion of the referee(s).

3.12 Yellow and Red Cards (Players). Any EFU Registered Player receiving a red card in a EFU Competition will be suspended for the remainder of that EFU Competition &  also for the next  EFU Competition played by the EFU Club at all age groups. For purposes of clarification, if an EFU Registered Player receives a red card in an EFU Competition, the EFU Registered Player will not be eligible to participate in the next EFU Competition for any team within the EFU Registered Player’s EFU Club & must serve the suspension with their primary rostered EFU Team.

3.13 Yellow and Red Cards (Coaches). Any coach receiving a red card in an EFU Competition will be suspended for the remainder of the EFU Competition and for the same EFU Team’s next EFU Competition and is not able to coach another EFU Team until the suspension is served. EFU may add additional games to any red card suspension at its discretion.

3.14 Yellow and Red Card Carryover. Red card suspensions will carry over into subsequent EFU Seasons if the red card is received in the final EFU Competition of the current EFU Season.

3.15 Accumulation. There shall be no yellow card accumulation policy for EFU Competitions.

3.16 Player Transfers. A EFU Registered Player may not play for more than one EFU Club during the Season, unless the following conditions are satisfied: (1) the Director of Coaching of both the prior EFU Club and the proposed new EFU Club consent to the transfer in writing; (2) the new EFU Club has an available spot on a EFU Roster; and (3) the EFU consents to such transfer in writing (such player referred to as a “Transferred Player”). A Transferred Player shall be removed from the EFU Roster(s) of the “old” EFU Club.

3.17 Points. In each EFU Competition during the EFU Regular Season, teams shall be awarded three (3) points for a win, one (1) point for a tie, and zero (0) points for a loss. A forfeit shall be considered a 3-0 loss for the forfeiting team and a 3-0 win for the non-forfeiting team. The forfeiting team will also incur a minus of three (3) additional points.

3.18 Standings. The standings in each age group shall be determined at the end of the EFU Season (the “Season Standings”). The top two (2) teams will advance to the Finals at the end of each season, (location to be provided by EFU).  Award ceremony will be for champions & finalists.

3.19 Tie-Breakers. The following tie-breakers will be used for resolving ties between EFU Teams in determining the Regular Season Standings, in the following order:

1. Most Points

2. If Two Teams are tied, head to head. If more than Two Teams are tied, this tie-breaker shall not apply.

3. Goal Difference

4. Goals For

5. Goals Against

6. Penalty Kicks

There shall be no cap on goal difference in any EFU Competition.

3.20 Game Standards Chart.


3.21 Player Age Group Eligibility. Age groups for the 2018 EFU Season, players may participate in their own age appropriate group, or for older age groups, and clubs or staff of that team is fully responsible & liable for players playing out of age groups.



4. Game Day Procedures                                                                                                                                                             

4.1 An Official EFU Game Report must be completed for each EFU Competition. The EFU Game Report must be provided by the home team.

4.2 The EFU Game Report must be completed in full, signed by both teams, and submitted by the referee to the EFU within forty eight (48) hours of completion of the EFU Competition.          

4.3 The home team shall call the score in to TBD (either Got Soccer or our website scheduler)

5. Miscellaneous

5.1 Disciplinary Matters. Any disciplinary matters brought before the EFU through submission of an Incident Report shall be addressed and responded to at the discretion of the EFU. Before any disciplinary action is taken by the EFU, the impacted coach, player, or administrator will be provided the opportunity for a hearing, either in person or via teleconference. Testimony will be allowed by principal parties, eyewitnesses, and authorities on the subject at hand.  

5.2 Protests and Appeals. There will be no protests or appeals of decisions made in EFU Competitions. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any decision by the EFU results in a suspension of a player or coach or that is not due to a red card or ejection is not appealable.                                                                                                                                                                            
5.3 Matters Not Provided For. Any matter not provided for in these Regulations shall be decided by EFU. All such decisions are final.

5.4 Fines.

Exhibit A: Registration: Player / Staff Roster Add Process

Types of Player & Staff Roster for EFU Clubs & EFU Competition

Player Add Process

EFU Competition: EFU Registered Players may be added to an EFU Roster for EFU Competition at any time, provided that they appear on the official EFU Roster prior to the game. 

Player & Staff Fees & Expiration Dates

Player & Staff Passes: The registration fee is all-inclusive which includes general liability & secondary medical insurance. Fees for registering coaches & other staff members include the cost of the mandatory background checks.

Exhibit B: Registration: Team

For the 2019/20 EFU Season, individual team fees shall be as follows for those clubs that participate in inaugural year and teams are responsible for referee fees prior to kickoff:

Team Registration (per team)


Bond (Per Team)

$125 / $250 per club

Revised on August 1, 2019, these rules may be updated throughout the year and club staff members are responsible to review prior to game completion or kickoff.

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